The Purpose of “Become Empowered”

Become Empowered

The purpose of this blog is for you to learn new skills and to empower not only yourselves but each other; the more you know, the more you will grow and I will be delighted to help! I am your servant; I am here to help.

This blog is here for us to help each other. I do NOT plan on being the only teacher.

If you have anything you would like to add to a particular post, add it, but make sure it is valuable to the discussion.

For a bit of background, I went to Virginia Wesleyan College and majored in English in the Creative Writing- Fiction track, though I did write some poetry: click here to see. I once edited a friend’s paper and he later told me that the only reason as to why he did not get an 100% is because he turned it in late. Needless to say, I was angry. 😡 I also double minored in Studio Art and Classical Studies. And I graduated in 3.5 years.

I plan on assisting as many people as I can in learning new skills so that they can be further empowered. Having other skills to fall back on will generate more success than only specializing in one thing. It shall also increase your independence.

Now, this site goes hand in hand with the blog What is Entertainment? where I analyze the entertainment industry while I introduce new possibilities of entertainment. I explain the blog’s mission here. You need to have fun while you are learning. All work, no play is a messed up day.

On Become Empowered, I shall be posting poetry, stories, for you to critique and book reviews. If you wish to add something to be critiqued, shoot me an email at But before you get carried away, click here to see some of the rules I have about that. I shall also be posting artwork for you to discuss and critique as well as directing you to some other sites. And I shall also be posting “how to” videos, but I won’t know what you need unless you request the knowledge.

And, I know in this day and age not a lot of people like to read, but I shall be writing up a reading list and updating it; click here to access it. You can not grow unless you are aware of what has already been done in the past.

In addition, I apologize in advanced for the slowness of the blog posts. I have other blogs. There is this blog, Become Empowered. My second one is called What is Entertainment? where I analyze the entertainment industry while I introduce new possibilities of entertainment. My third blog is called Dragon Age- Opinions and Truths where I focus on the Dragon Age series of games and give tips, tricks and news. And my final blog is called Get To Know Erica! where I blog and post videos about myself. In case you’re interested.

  1. Erica,

    Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to learning with you and everyone else while becoming empowered.



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