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Here’s an interesting story…

Earlier this week, I found that WordPress had removed this blog.

I was devastated.

But I was determined.

So I exported everything from this site into another one, to find that this one had been put back into place.

From now on, I am going to be posting to the other Become Empowered site. I will not be removing this one; it will remain, but nothing new will be posted here.

Thank you for your support.

To see the new site (which looks exactly like the old) click the link below:



Today was a productive day until my sister introduced me to a new game… that is highly addicting. 😡

It’s called Papa’s Cupakeria. And I’ve been playing it since my sister showed it to me.

THANKFULLY, everything I was planning on getting done today was finished (the Mage Specializations for my other blog).

Also, I got my father a WordPress today so he could promote his book! He’s already gotten e-mails and a ton of views! It was always his dream to publish a book, so the fact I was able to help him promote it is a big deal. 😀

If you’re curious about my dad’s book, go to Am I Black? by Greg Robinson.

Anybody else have a very addicting game they like to play?

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