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Thank You Pamela Bogart!

Thank You Pamela Bogart!

Pamela Bogart posted something very interesting called My favorite vocabulary & dictionary site/game to her blog Connected English. She wants people to get connected – English learning websites, apps, and ideas at your fingertips. The title of her post is self explanatory, but the information she gives is VERY helpful! She posted a link to a website dictionary. Her description of the site is:

You might call it a dictionary with witty definitions. You might call it an advanced vocabulary game that can quiz you on up to thousands of words by definition, example usage, and spelling, and keep track of which ones you’ve mastered. You might call it a massive database of real examples of how words and phrases are actually used. You might call it a way to learn all the forms of a word and their relative frequencies of use in English. You might call it a resource full of useful word lists that you can bookmark & learn. You might call it a great place to make your own vocabulary lists and quiz yourself on them.

I took a look at it and I must say, it is a GREAT suggestion! A good sight for learning new vocabulary. But if you want to know what the site is, you have to go to her blog post called My favorite vocabulary & dictionary site/game.

Again, thank you Pamela Bogart!

The Phrontistery

This link (above) I found a WHILE ago.

Here, you will find a list of extremely unusual words and their definitions.

Comment and tell me what you think of them!

Ever Wish You Could Improve Your Vocabulary?

Ever Wish You Could Improve Your Vocabulary?

Today I found on a game called Word Dynamo. Click here to check it out!

Critiquing Art

Critiquing Art

I touched upon the topic of critiquing art in another post: click here to get to it.

But critiquing art is a lot different than critiquing a poem or a story. They require a different understanding and a slightly different mindset. You will need this post for when you complete your assignment on the Art page. Click here to get to that page.

You will also need a list of art vocabulary: click here to get to it.

When critiquing a piece of art, here are some things you need to consider:

Standard: You will assess the characteristics of works of art

Indicator of Achievement:
You will:

  • analyze different ways the visual arts provide unique modes for communicating ideas, actions, and emotions; and evaluate their effective use for communication
  • understand and apply visual arts vocabulary when observing, describing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating works of art
  • determine the intentions of an artist in creating a particular work of art and evaluate the artist’s effectiveness in communicating ideas and emotions
  • interpret possible meanings of works of art by analyzing how specific works are created and how they relate to historical and cultural contexts

Description: What do you see? What medium was used?

Analysis: How is the work organized? What kind of shapes stand out? Are there any negative spaces? Why did the artist choose the hues that you see? How does the value affect this painting?

Interpretation: What is happening? What is the artist trying to say?

Judgment: How effective is this work?

Do NOT be concerned if you cannot answer all these questions. I do not expect you to fully understand what all this means (unless you are an art student). Like I said before, this requires a certain mindset.

Is this clear?

Basic Art Vocabulary

Basic Art Vocabulary


This list of vocabulary that you see below I found on for the specific link, click here. This list actually is quite basic. The reason as to why it is so daunting is because of the fact that it is a COLLECTIVE list. It has vocabulary for fine art, sculpture, ceramics, etc.

Are they all good to know? Absolutely.

Will you need them all eventually? Only if you ask for it. 😀

The list of words you will need will depend upon the assignment you are to do. This list goes with the Critiquing Art post: click here to get to it.

Am I the only one who finds this list beneficial?

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