English Help

The English language is an interesting thing.
Sometimes, new words are added on a whim.
Definitions change; some words are just for show;
But that is what happens as a society grows.

English was my major in college. I enjoy writing and storytelling immensely. One reason as to why I liked my boyfriend so much was because of his excellent storytelling. They always made me laugh. It’s also why I love video games with stories, like Dragon Age. I write poetry sometimes, but I prefer books, not that I’ve finished any. I’ve started many and finished none. They are all still in progress, but working on them has been a delight!

If you wish to know which classes I have taken in college, go to the bottom of my Get To Know Erica! page.

Also, while in college, I edited papers. One friend of mine would have gotten an 100% if he had turned it in on time. If you are in need of some editing, like with papers or poems or short stories, I’ll be happy to give you a hand for a small fee, which we can discuss. Go to the “Contact Erica” page and schedule an appointment.

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