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Thank You Pamela Bogart!

Thank You Pamela Bogart!

Pamela Bogart posted something very interesting called My favorite vocabulary & dictionary site/game to her blog Connected English. She wants people to get connected – English learning websites, apps, and ideas at your fingertips. The title of her post is self explanatory, but the information she gives is VERY helpful! She posted a link to a website dictionary. Her description of the site is:

You might call it a dictionary with witty definitions. You might call it an advanced vocabulary game that can quiz you on up to thousands of words by definition, example usage, and spelling, and keep track of which ones you’ve mastered. You might call it a massive database of real examples of how words and phrases are actually used. You might call it a way to learn all the forms of a word and their relative frequencies of use in English. You might call it a resource full of useful word lists that you can bookmark & learn. You might call it a great place to make your own vocabulary lists and quiz yourself on them.

I took a look at it and I must say, it is a GREAT suggestion! A good sight for learning new vocabulary. But if you want to know what the site is, you have to go to her blog post called My favorite vocabulary & dictionary site/game.

Again, thank you Pamela Bogart!

When bright…

When bright, it’s dark.
When darkest, it’s gone.
When gone for good, so are you.
Where am I?

This is a riddle I found in the beginning of a book called Bright Shadow by Avi. It’s about a girl who obtains 5 wishes, but she does not realize this until she begins to use them. But if she uses them all, she will vanish and she can tell no one of this.

I read it and found it enjoyable. They also made a new cover for it. 😀

Comment what you think the answer to the riddle is.

News Values

News Values

  1. TIMELINESS- now, not a year ago
  2. IMPACT- does it affect readers
  3. PROXIMITY- how close it is geographically or emotionally
  4. PROMINENCE- major figures of the community, celebrities (unfortunately), sports/ names make news
  6. ODDITY- unusual
  7. CURRENCY- story that won’t stop being a story
  8. NECESSITY- things people need to know



  • Be a good listener
  • Attitude- interested in what’s being said
  • Make the appointment
  • Interview them on their own turf/ at lunch- pay for theirs, you pay for yours, order something simple, don’t touch it
  • Show up five minutes early, not a second late
  • Dress appropriately for the subject
  • Don’t depend on just a tape recorder
  • Easiest questions first – 10 questions
  • Don’t be rude or ask impertinent questions
  • Carry tape recorder and notebook to the door, don’t shut off tape recorder until you are down the hall
  • Ask for a phone number incase you need to clarify
  • Organize notebook, then write the article
  • You can talk to people more than once

A New Addition to the Reading List

A New Addition to the Reading List

Allow me to introduce to you Jane Smiley’s 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel. I was trying to make it a habit to only post books I had read, but I felt this book could be an exception to the rule.  It was a book recommended to me by my college professor, but I didn’t get the chance to read it because, to be completely honest with you, I forgot about it. I have decided to put this book into the Improving Your Own Writing section of the reading list and the Become Empowered Bookstore, in case you’re curious.

I found this book’s title written in the column of my old college notes. It was written beside my notes for novel writing (which I put into a post called 10 Tips for Novel Writing).

If you read it, let me know what you think!

10 Tips for Novel Writing

10 Tips for Novel Writing

1. You need to write every day so as not to lose the story.

1a. You must move forward every day even if you are revising as you go.

2. Start figuring out the structure of the novel as soon as possible.

3. You won’t start getting into your book until you are at 20,000 words – the commitment has been made; things start to make sense.

4. Always keep your focus on the sentences, paragraphs, and the scene being written, not on what you will write.

4a.Don’t look too far back or too far ahead.

4b. Know where you’re going, but pretend not to look at it.

5. Beautiful writing and intense intelligence can always salvage a plot.

6. “This is the last book you will write.”

7. You must treat your minor characters as well as you treat your major characters.

8. It’s okay if you do not accomplish what you tried to accomplish.

8a. If the story must die, let it.

9. Respect readers’ intelligence, life experiences, and time.

10. Feel more.

Have any questions? Comment.

Would you please help me come up with a title?

Hands- light palms, dark back, large, strong;
Gripping and guarding the weapon.
Green blades surround them all;
When and where will he begin his assault?
He throws the weapon; his comrade reclaims it.


Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Quiz

Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary Quiz

Please match the vocabulary word with the correct answer.

  1. _______ Good morrow
  2. _______ Thrice
  3. _______ Doth
  4. _______ Hence
  5. _______ O’er

a)      Does
b)      Away from here
c)       Over
d)      Three times
e)      Good bye


  1. _______ Ne’er
  2. _______ ‘t
  3. _______ Foresooth
  4. _______ Wherefore
  5. _______ Sirrah

a)      Man or servant (person of low status)
b)      Never
c)       In truth
d)      It
e)      Why


  1. _______ E’er
  2. _______ ‘tis
  3. _______ Aye
  4. _______ Thee
  5. _______ Thy

a)      Yes
b)      Ever
c)       You
d)      Yours
e)      It is


  1. _______ Shrift
  2. _______ Whither
  3. _______ Thou
  4. _______ Good den
  5. _______ Fortnight

a)      Good afternoon
b)      You
c)       Confession
d)      Two weeks
e)      Where to


  1. _______ Visage
  2. _______ Fray
  3. _______ Hither
  4. _______ Anon
  5. _______ Coz

a)      Cousin, relative or friend
b)      Here
c)       Fight
d)      Soon
e)      Face


  1. _______ Ye
  2. _______ Fair
  3. Romeo is a _______.
  4. Juliet is a _______.

a)      Plural for “you”
b)      Montague
c)       Capulet
d)      Beautiful

Please translate the line below into “modern day” English.

Aye, thy fair visage doth inspire me.


Grammatically Speaking

Click image to open interactive version (via

A New Addition to the Reading List

A New Addition to the Reading List

After looking through some of my books, I found one that I believe to be quite valuable: A Pocket Style Manual by Diana Hacker. And it will be going into the Improving Your Own Writing section of the reading list.

For those of you who do not know this book, it teaches clarity, grammar, punctuation and mechanics, research, MLA, APA, Chicago, and usage/grammatical terms. It’s good for those who have difficulty writing essays.

The Phrontistery

This link (above) I found a WHILE ago.

Here, you will find a list of extremely unusual words and their definitions.

Comment and tell me what you think of them!

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