The Goddess of the Skies

The Goddess of the Skies

The skies,
The winds.

One woman controls them,
The Goddess of the Skies.

Her white, feathered wings,
Glide through and blend into the clouds.

Her dark blue hair,
Intermingles with the night.

She sees Nature crying below,
And sends her flowers.

Nature smiles.
Skies leaves.

Skies’ feelings,
Effects the winds.

When frustrated,
The winds charge at high speeds.

When sad,
The winds push the clouds in front of the sun.

Whilst in high spirits,
There is a gentle breeze.

Her assaults are deadly,
None are ever ready.

Her eyes glow,
Her arms rise.

The winds stir,

Skies and Water,
Work together.

Skies pushes the victim over a cliff;
Water carries the victim away.

Skies watches the victim,
Then leaps into the air.

She spread her wings,
And fades into the clouds.

(What do you think?)


About Monria Titans

"Knowledge is power," something that is said all the time. I am trying to LIVE by that and improve myself and I would wish for the world to do the same.

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