The Goddess of the Seas

The Goddess of the Seas

The ocean,
The gentleness of the seas.
Controlled by one woman;
The Goddess of the Seas.

Her beauty is hated by the Fire.
Her magnificent hair is the blue of the cleanest water.
The blueness of her eyes, a bright blue,
Brings out the jealousy of the Skies.

Always stopping the fires,
And scolding the Flames,
Her anger causes massive waves.

When defending herself is needed,
Her eyes begin to glow,
Which disturbs the oceans’ flow.
Water rises into the air,
Surrounding their creator.

The water charges the predator,
Giving them no chance to surrender.
The idiot falls over a cliff,
Into the massive wall of waves below.

Gentle and kind is easy to find,
A bright smile, then a smirk.
She dives into the gentle waves,
Breaking into water droplets.

(What do you think?)


About Monria Titans

"Knowledge is power," something that is said all the time. I am trying to LIVE by that and improve myself and I would wish for the world to do the same.

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