Why Kill Them With Kindness…

Why Kill Them With Kindness…

Why Kill Them With Kindness...
As much as I want to agree with this (and I laugh at this every time I look at it) violence doesn’t solve everything. Everything.

I was raised on the belief that you don’t get any respect until you smack someone, but that was only to apply to bullies. Not all of your friends will appreciate a violent side if you decide to show it.

If kindness works on your bully, then kudos. Otherwise, if the school system doesn’t help and there isn’t much your parents can do, a good smack might help exponentially. I’m more of a “it depends upon the situation” type person.

But if I can avoid the confrontation altogether, I’ll go that route. I would rather there be no violence.

If you can be kind in a situation, you are a better person than I. The closest I could get to your “sainthood” would be to just walk away.

What would you do if a bully was messing with you?


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"Knowledge is power," something that is said all the time. I am trying to LIVE by that and improve myself and I would wish for the world to do the same.

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