If You Don’t Take Risks You’ll Never See The Rewards

If You Don’t Take Risks You’ll Never See The Rewards

Take Risks

There is risk in everything. Living is a risk.

There is a chance that I will choke on my breakfast every morning.

There is a chance that I will get into a car accident.

And there is a chance that will punch an idiot that decided to mess with my family and get  myself arrested.

Every day is a risk. Something is bound to happen, yet you don’t see everyone on the planet hiding in their rooms.

Without risk there would never be any rewards.

You won’t win unless you play the game.

You can’t receive a reward for work you didn’t do.

Play to win; don’t play to not lose.

There is a difference.

Winners take risks to get their results and move forward.

People who play to not lose, who play it safe, stay in one spot.

Work to learn and learn what you can.

Take chances!

Have fun!

Work to move forward, not to remain in the same place.

Look back on your life and say, “I can’t believe I did that!”

If you win, you’ll be happy; if you lose, you’ll be wise.

Anyone take a big risk lately?


About Monria Titans

"Knowledge is power," something that is said all the time. I am trying to LIVE by that and improve myself and I would wish for the world to do the same.

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