A Quick Bridge To Terabithia Review

A Quick Bridge To Terabithia Review

In this post, I shall touch upon the book Bridge to Terabithia.

It is not part of the reading list, but I value this book anyway. Who says you can’t read for fun? In fact, I encourage it!

I value this book because it does nothing but inspire the imaginations of others. It did for me. I am a HUGE fan of this book and also the movie. It is important that we keep an open mind at all times and not give in to the dullness and the sadness we find in the world. That is why I love this book and the movie; it shows us that no matter how sad the world is, you can free yourself if you just keep an open mind, use your imagination, and value different points of views.

Below is a video from someone who calls himself the Nostalgia Critic. He remembers things so you don’t have to. I put his video here to for the entertainment value and so you can see someone else’s perspective.


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"Knowledge is power," something that is said all the time. I am trying to LIVE by that and improve myself and I would wish for the world to do the same.

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