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Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your DreamsDoes this really need further commentation?

I’ll comment anyway because I have some good news!

My father followed his dream and published his first book! I made him a blog for it and everything!

The book is Am I Black? by Greg Robinson. Click here to take a look!

What are you dreams?


Ever Wish You Could Improve Your Vocabulary?

Ever Wish You Could Improve Your Vocabulary?

Today I found on a game called Word Dynamo. Click here to check it out!

Be Very Afraid: 8 Monsters of Literature and Folklore

Be Very Afraid: 8 Monsters of Literature and Folklore

1. Frankenstein

Just years after Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein first appeared on shelves, the title took on a life of its own. Though many people incorrectly believe that Frankenstein refers to the stitched-together monster endowed with life, the name, in fact, belongs to the monster’s creator, Dr. Frankenstein. However, this error is so ubiquitous that the term is now widely used to refer to the monster as well as the man.

2. Golem

Victorian English literature has Frankenstein, and Jewish folklore has the golem. Formed from clay, this humanoid midrashic monster comes to life with the aid of supernatural powers. In some stories, the golem becomes animate when the Hebrew word for “truth” is written on the forehead the monster. When the first letter in this word is smudged out, the Hebrew word “death” remains, and the golem dissolves into a mound of clay.

3. Grendel

The epic poem Beowulf features one of the most terrifying creatures in the Anglo-Saxon literary canon, Grendel. Written in Old English, Beowulf chronicles the story of the title character, a brave warrior, as he protects the King Hrothgar from an attack by Grendel. Once Beowulf defeats Grendel, however, the fun is not over; he must then defeat Grendel’s equally frightening revenge-seeking mother.

4. Dracula

While many folks know Dracula as a tuxedoed vampire sired by Bram Stoker in 1897, few are aware of Stoker’s real-life inspiration for this undead creature of the night. Vlad III Dracula notoriously skewered his enemies on stakes and then left them to die. These brutal tactics earned him the nickname Vlad the Impaler. The name Dracula means “son of Dracul,” and was a name handed down from Vlad III’s father.

5. Big Foot

Big Foot, sometimes called Sasquatch, is a large, hairy apish creature who wanders through the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and Canada. This elusive giant is often hunted, but never caught. He gets his name from what his pursuers have gleaned about his form from the giant footprints he leaves behind. Perhaps one day these imprints will lead us to the genuine article.

6. Yeti

The yeti or the Abominable Snowman is Big Foot’s Asian counterpart. Allegedly found in the Himalayan Mountains, this white-furred beast treks through the high altitudes, unseen by human eyes. His name comes from the Tibetan word yeh-teh meaning “little manlike animal.”

7. Bogeyman

Possibly from the Middle English buggemeaning “a frightening specter,” bogeyman has been part of a cautionary tale told to naughty children since Victorian times. The bogeyman is said to kidnap children who have been bad, so always be good. We wouldn’t want the bogeyman to steal you away, now, would we?

8. Loch Ness monster

Diminutively called Nessie, the Loch Ness monster swims through the waters of Loch Ness, a lake in Scotland. The term Ness likely comes from the Old Celtic word meaning “roaring one.” Though there are many stories of the Loch Ness monster, her existence has never been confirmed by science. She exists merely as a legend. Perhaps it’s better this way.

(I found this on

Can anyone think of any other monsters?

It’s Better To BE Alone Than To FEEL Alone

It’s Better To BE Alone Than To FEEL Alone


Sometimes, you just need to let people go and put yourself in a crowd that appreciates you.

After my four best friends stabbed me in the back, I found a new crowd and I didn’t even realize until then how draining the previous crowd was.

But, the thing is, I was by myself for a while before finding said new crowd. I was able to rest and recuperate, look at things from a fresh set of eyes.

I was exhausted. They weren’t all there. I would speak and it felt like they weren’t really listening. It felt like I was just there to fill a gap. I was the friend being walked on. Clearly. They stabbed me in the back and only of them them thought twice about it. He just didn’t tell me the backstabbing was going to happen. He lied by omission because he didn’t want to “betray” his girlfriend.

Um… dummy. If she’ll betray me, what makes you think she won’t betray you? And what makes you think the rest of them won’t betray you?

And our other two friends (the ones I reconciled with) no long associate with him and his forgetful girlfriend.

Very often.


But I digress.

That time I was able to spend by myself was INCREDIBLE! I no longer felt like space. I no longer felt like I didn’t matter.

I could do whatever I wanted and not worry about being interrupted. I could just reflect on our friendship. Or the lack there of.

But that negative energy, that lack of interest, that lack of compatibility causes you to be in a kind of forced relationship, which is very tiring. And I didn’t even realize until they had stabbed me in the back.

My four best friends dropped down into the two people I hate the most, an acquaintance, and one best friend. I reconciled with two of them like I said. Click here for the full story. Not getting into it again here…

But that experience helped me realize that out of that group, only one is really worth my time. The other is just awkward conversations. The other two have been dropped for they have yet to apologize.

Having nobody is better than having liars and backstabbers who never cared about you to begin with. Even if you did many things for them. Like reveal that another one of their friends stabbed THEM in the back by spreading rumors… hmm…

But I digress. Again.


The new crew that I mentioned before consisted of freshmen. They reminded me of something that I had forgotten; I get along a lot better with people who are either younger or older than myself. I could be a teacher’s pet when I wanted to be and I’ve always been good with kids. I’ve never really gotten along with people my own age.

I became of the overseer in my new crew. They turned to me for advice. I was the mom. I was never alone during my final semester of college because of them. We fed off each others’ energy instead of clashing with each other and fighting for a voice. That one final semester was my happiest time.

They weren’t half there; they were all in.

We were all in. I was no longer drained.

I didn’t want to graduate. 😀

My point is, sometimes you need to be by yourself in order to figure out what you want.

It’s better to be alone than to feel alone.

Have you ever been in this position? I hope not…

Not Everything Is Out To Get You

Not Everything Is Out To Get You

Not Everything Is Out To Get You

There could be a time where you are experiencing nothing but crappy days one after the other. Don’t look at it from a negative view point. The minute you allow negativity to run your life, you’ll never get anything done.

With every negative thing that happens, something positive will come out of it.

For example: If I hadn’t broken my finger two weeks before I was to ship out for the military, I wouldn’t have been able to join Empower Network. Now, I am working from the comfort of my own home, blogging.

One door closes, another one opens.

Some things are just falling into place.

Not everything is out to get you.

Think back to something terrible that happened, really think about it. Did anything good come out of it?

For more information on Empower Network, click here

Start With Yourself

Start With Yourself

Start With Yourself

Making other people happy, seeing the joy on their faces; it can be very rewarding. But you cannot forget about yourself. Especially if the person(s) you are trying to make happy don’t appreciate your efforts.

If your personality dictates that your happiness depends upon the happiness of others, pick your crowd wisely. There are people out there who take kindness for weakness.

Pick your crowd wisely.

A greedy crowd will be angry if you up and decide to take time for yourself. Be careful.

Kindness and giving are fantastic qualities, but you need to make sure you know how to give to yourself. Giving to others constantly can be tiring and overwhelming.

I’m not saying be selfish.

I’m saying don’t forget about you and your own happiness.

Start with yourself.

Have made a decision, yet?

Let’s Play A Game!

Let’s Play A Game!

I am going to sing parts of 5 songs and you have to guess which songs I am singing. 😛

Comment your answer!

If you wish to see the video collection, click here. Below is my very first video:

A Tribute To My Favorite Artists

A Tribute To My Favorite Artists

I made this video not only to share my love of art, but also to thank those who contributed to my Dragon Age – Opinions and Truths FanArt page.

To see the art, click here.

To see my list of favorite artists, click here.



As long as you don’t dwell on it, one negative moment won’t kill you.

Everyone has doubts; everyone has fears; everyone has negative energy within them.

It’s when we let those doubts; those fears; the negativity run our lives that people start to have issues.


That’s why some people write it down!

And that’s also why we have friends! Family! Some kind of support network!

If at any point in time you are feeling down, negative, you support network will help you back up.

It’s all in your head!

Letting that negativity out every so often is healthy for you as long as you don’t dwell on it. Throw a tangent. Write it down and then shred it. Because keeping that negativity trapped inside is only going to eat at you no matter how positively you think and behave.

I’m going to quote Yoda,

Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering.


Face your fears!

Don’t dwell on the mistakes of your past!

Do not let your dormant fears and doubts eat you alive.


Do you have a tangent to throw? Comment.

Below is a song that embodies this message pretty well. In a way. That and I like the song a lot and want to share it with you. 😛

My Favorite Artists

My Favorite Artists

For this post, I have decided to show you some of my favorite artists and give you links to their sites. In addition, some of these people contributed artwork to the FanArt page of my other blog Dragon Age – Opinions and Truths.

To get to their sites, simply click their names.

  1. Smilika
  2. Aldriann
  3. Payroo
  4. Jael Kolken
  5. clc1997
  6. chignon
  7. aaminen
  8. Milulya
  9. Odjo (Johanna Nilsson)
  10. Ysvyri (Kim Myatt)
  11. Agregor
  12. Ashley Q.
  13. MaLkAvlanN-pRiMoGeN
  14. Nicco and Jake
  15. NightJian28
  16. Sandara
  17. Lizkay
  18. e-soulu
  19. skittlefox
  20. sagegrrl
  21. Helga-Mareritt
  22. Danielle Sylvan
  23. ZelasArt
  24. Jazmin “Jaz Kitty” Routolo
  25. Danny Kang
  26. Wendy Harmon
  27. A Case of Random
  28. Garth
  29. Anne Stokes
  30. Ruth Sanderson
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